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Leeds Castle: the favourite castle of six medieval queens of England and arguably “the loveliest castle in the world” still enchants visitors with its romantic atmosphere, splendid collection of medieval furnishings and paintings. Our winner and companion will enjoy complimentary admission to the castle; a free guide book; and lunch in either the Fairfax Hall restaurant or Terrace Room restaurant, more here.


Jarvis Great Danes Hotel & Country Club: Hollingbourne, Maidstone, Kent, this attractive and comfortable hotel is set in 26 acres of grounds including an 18-hole putting green, croquet lawn and fabulous facilities. Whilst here, you may wish to explore Maidstone’s tranquil riverside and 14th century Archbishop’s Palace. Our prize includes a two-night stay with breakfast.,If you want to make a tour in France see more information about hotels and country clubs at this annecy hotels website.

Longleat: accla ed as Britain’s best example of high El’ bethan architecture, Longleat is also reno ed for its exuberant decor, paintings, xquisite tapestries, splendid collection f books and murals. Our winner and c Ipanion will enjoy complimentary pa sport tickets to all Longleat’s attractio free guide books to

the house and safari ; and lunch.


15. Hollingbourne, Maidstone,


Favourite Garden

I compliment you on your wide-ranging series celebrat-ing the National Trust’s centenary in 1995, but I was disappointed not to see any mention of my favourite place in its care:

Food For Thought

Your recent article on traditional recipes prompted me to look up an account of the wedding in 1251 of Margaret, daughter of King Henry III, and King Alexander III of Scotland. It makes most wedding feasts pale by comparison.

To satisfy the appetites of just a few hundred guests, 1,300 red and fallow deer, 70 boars and 7,000 hens were procured. Additional pur-chases included 68,500 loaves, 60,000 herrings, 1,000 cod, 10,000 haddock and 500 conger eels. Also a rather generous 25,000 gallons of wine were ordered to toast the happy couple’s future -quite a feast!

15. Britannia gold

Britannia Rules?

The familiar figure of Britannia, wearing a helmet and carrying a trident, has appeared on our coins since the days of King Charles II. If Britain embraces a standard-ised currency with Europe, will she disappear? More interesting facts from Europe checking at the world best website

The original model for Britannia was Frances Stuart, a cousin and favourite of King Charles II. She eloped with the Duke of Lennox and Richmond, was banished from court and was only forgiven by the king after she had nearly died from smallpox.

I, for one, hope that we will not allow this reminder of our colourful history to be taken away through standardisation.